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How much is a walk in shower?

How much is a walk in shower uk

So how much is a walk in shower in the UK? The average price of a walk in shower installation in the UK is around £2500, this does not include your tiles, shower, base and cubicle.

The bulk of the cost is in the preparation of the area where the shower is going to be located. Walls, floor and pipe work all has to be in good condition before any installation can be carried out. Walls need to be solid and pretty level prior to tiling. If the plaster or plaster board is damage then the wall would need to be repaired or re plastered.

The plumbing, tiling and finishing work also has to be taken into consideration. Certain types of tiles are harder to work with like porcelain and large format for example. Most bathroom fitters work their prices out based around the time it will take to finish the job, so bare this in mind when choosing tiles and the shower cubicle.

All jobs are different though, some walk in shower installations require a lot less work and obviously cost a bit less than £2500. But on the other end of the scale some bathrooms need a ton of work and could cost more.

How much is a walk in shower UK.

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