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Toilet repairs Liverpool.

Toilet repairs Liverpool – Have you got a toilet that wont flush? Or a toilet that is constantly running? Then why not give us a call to discuss solution to the problem. We can repair most toilets at a fraction of the price of a new toilet.

A toilet that is constantly overflowing is annoying and if you are on a water meter can bump up your water bill. This situation is caused by a couple of things normally. The first and the most common is a faulty filler valve which is a relativity easy repair in most cases, most emergency plumbers in Liverpool including ourselves carry spare filler valves as standard.

The second issues that causes a toilet to overflow is a flush valve problem. Modern flush valves fail in a number of ways. Most of the time the sealing washer fails and needs replacing and in some cases when spares are not available or the part is obsolete then the whole valve needs to be replaced. The toilet would need to be stripped down to facilitate this. Either way South Liverpool Plumbing can sort it for you we specialise in toilet repairs in Liverpool.

South Liverpool Plumbing is a Garston based plumbing company that offers a quality plumbing service at the right price. Unlike most plumbers in Garston we don’t charge a call out fee just a flat rate for the job.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss the issue further…

Toilet repairs Liverpool

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