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How much does a plumber cost in Liverpool
How much do bathroom fitters charge in the uk

How much do bathroom fitters charge per day UK? – Bathroom fitters in the UK charge normally around £170 to £250 per day to fit a bathroom. The day rate may seem a lot for what some people may see as “Just fitting a bathroom”.

But there’s a lot involved!

Bathroom fitting is a multi skilled job that needs a lot of thought, knowledge and patience. It also requires a lot of problem solving abilities to overcome the endless snags that are encountered during the course of the installation not to mention all the hard work involved.

“How much do bathroom fitters charge per day UK”

A bathroom fitter must be able to plumb competently, be able to tile walls and floors to a high standard. A good knowledge of basic joinery as well as plastering, dry lining and other construction skills are also required.

Bathroom fitting also requires a lot of planning and organisation in order for the job to run smoothly. The installation has to be organised and well planned to avoid any costly mistakes or delays.

Then there is all the organisation of all the various materials that’s required for the job. You can spend a lot of time off the job just running around buying materials. Its not unusual for a someone to spend an hour and a half in the morning in traffic going from supplier to supplier buying bits.

So is a bathroom fitters charge worth it? Definitely yes.

We are South Liverpool Plumbing a Garston based plumbers that specialises in start to finish bathroom installations if you need an estimate on your bathroom then feel free to get in touch.

How Much do Bathroom Fitters Charge Per Day UK?

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