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Tap repair in Liverpool

Tap repair in Liverpool. – A leaking bathroom or kitchen tap can be costly and annoying. Most modern taps can be repaired but there are some that cant. Not many taps have washers nowadays as they have been replaced by ceramic cartridges. With so many manufactures across the globe producing many variants of cartridges it is sometimes difficult and in some cases impossible to match the cartridge type.

Some plumbers in Liverpool carry a cartridge kit with around 30 or so various sizes so there is a good chance that the tap can be repaired. Its the same case for mono block taps but there are not to many variants so a successful tap repair is more likely.

Some taps are beyond economical repair and just need replacing as the cost of the repair is more than buying a new tap. It is up to you to to look at the tap and decide if its past it day or not. Or you could send us a picture and let one of our experienced plumbers in the Liverpool area advise you.

Please feel free to give South Liverpool plumbing a call for free advice on repairing or installing your tap.

Tap repair in Liverpool

How much do plumbers charge to change a tap UK?

How do i choose a good plumber

South Liverpool plumbing charges for £60 to change a tap, obviously in some case it may be more but for a standard tap replacement you are looking around £60.
Bath taps maybe more depending on the access to under the bath. Other factors that will affect the price are, access to the stop cock, type and age of the heating system and the design of sinks and basins.

Tap repair in Liverpool.

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