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Triton Enrich electric shower 8.5kw – Have you been searching for a Triton Enrich electric shower? And are wondering if they are any good and worth buying? Then read on!

We are South Liverpool Plumbing and we have fitted quite a few triton Enrich/Sambada showers in the past so we have a bit of experience with this particular Triton shower.

Triton Enrich electric shower 8.5 kw.

The Triton Enrich electric shower is one of the most popular and affordable shower options for anyone looking for an electric shower for their bathroom. Listed below are some of the key features and characteristics of the Triton Enrich electric shower:

  1. The Triton Enrich electric shower has a simple design, with a simple controls that allows users to adjust the temperature and flow of the water
  2. The Triton Enrich electric shower is available in a range of power ratings, including 8.5 kW, 9.5 kW, and 10.5 kW. Please note that you need to get an electrician to check your cable size before you run out and buy a shower.
  3. Easy–ish installation: The Triton Enrich electric shower is designed to be easy to installed, it has plenty of room inside the casing for pipe work and cable. It has a an electrical connection on the lower left hand side, and
  4. The Triton Enrich electric shower has a number of safety features, including a thermal cut-out that will automatically switch off the unit if it gets too hot, and a low-pressure indicator that will prevent the shower from operating if the water pressure gets too low.

Overall, the Triton Enrich electric shower is a reliable and affordable option for those looking for an electric shower that is easy to install and use, with a range of power ratings to suit different needs and preferences.

Are Triton Enrich showers any good?

Short answer yes, for the money they are really good value, easy to use and come with a Triton 2 year warranty. They last well to, these showers can last for years due to their simplicity.

Triton Enrich showers are generally considered to be good reliable electric showers. They are known for their affordability and ease of installation, making them a popular choice among homeowners and builders. We have fitted quite a few of them in the past.

So if you are looking for a cheap, reliable electric shower then Triton Enrich showers are definitely worth a look.

What warranty does a Triton Enrich shower come with?

The Triton Enrich comes with a 2 year Triton warranty which is pretty good to be honest. If the shower goes wrong within the warranty period Triton will come out and replace it.

What power ratings do Triton Enrich come in?

The Triton Enrich comes in 3 power ratings

  1. 8.5 kW: This is the most common power rating, and it is suitable for most households with a standard 6mm electrical supply.
  2. 9.5 kW: This power rating is a slightly higher option and will deliver a better flow rate BUT needs a larger size cable in most cases.
  3. 10.5 kW: This is the highest power rating available for the Triton Enrich electric shower, and requires a 10mm electric cable.

It’s important to note that the power rating of an electric shower will affect its performance, the higher the KW rating the better the flow of water you will get through the head and vice versa.

It’s also worth checking the electrical wiring in your home to ensure that it can handle the power requirements of the shower you choose. If in doubt contact a qualified electrician or a decent plumber.

Triton Enrich 8.5kw Electric Shower

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