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Plumber-Tiler South Liverpool.

Are you looking for a good plumber-tiler in the south Liverpool area? Then why not check out some of the stuff we do. We are south Liverpool plumbing and we specialise in the plumbing and tiling of bathrooms, toilets and en-suites.

Here’s one of our latest projects we had the pleasure to work on.

One of our customers who we have done a bit of plumbing and tiling work for in the past approached me to transform their toilet.

We had previously transformed the bathroom and the customers spec was to refit the toilet in the same style and to the same level of quality. Which we were happy to do!

We started work on the project with a bit of an inspection to assess the state of the walls, floor and pipe work. Starting with the walls we chipped off any loose plaster and render and repaired the affected areas ready for tiling. The tiles for the job are 600 by 600 porcelain which are quite heavy and needed a good base. Once the walls had been repaired they were primed with SBR primer to ensure a good bond for the tile adhesive.

We then tackled the floor, as the customer spec was to get rid of the pipe work and boxing in we set about lifting floor boards and re routing the pipe work under the floor. We then repaired the floor and primed it with SBR primer.

The next stage was to plan out the fitting of the floating toilet. The kit itself comes mostly pre assembled and ready to go which is a great help to the bathroom fitter. Getting it right takes a bit of thought and planning and unless you are a skilled plumber or really competent then don’t try this yourself.

We built and installed a custom frame work around the metal support frame that was supplied by the manufacture. This was to support the tile backer board that was later to be tiled over. Once this stage was complete the toilet was installed temporarily as it would later have to be removed so we could tile behind it for a neater finish.

We then started to tile the project starting with the walls, the toilet was removed and the wall behind the was tiled left for a couple of hours for the adhesive to cure and then we replaced the toilet as quickly as possible as it was the only one in the property. We then tiled the rest of the walls and finally the floor. The floor was prepared with a decoupling membrane to prevent the tiles lifting or cracking if the floor below moves.

We the job was then cleaned and all the corners were finished with silicone sealant to complete the project, the small details make a big difference.

Floating toilet project

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