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How much does a plumber cost in Liverpool?

How much does a plumber cost in Liverpool?

How much does a plumber cost in Liverpool

A plumber in Liverpool can charge anything from £30 to £80 per hour but this may vary form company to company and job to job. Some plumbing companies charge by the day or half day. Foe An average is around £220 per day but again this may vary. Read more on how much a plumber costs in the Uk

How do I choose a professional plumber?

How do i choose a good plumber

Asking friends or family for recommendations is by far the best way to find a professional plumber. The next step is to search the internet for plumbers in the Liverpool area in area and then check the reviews.

Our plumbing prices

So how much do plumbers charge in Liverpool? We cant speak for everyone but to give you an idea of what we charge for different services we have put a list together. Please note the prices are just a guide, plumbing is not an exact science and the job on most parts is full of snags, time scales, and prices may vary from job to job.


  • How much to fit a toilet?

    The price to fit a toilet starts from £120 plus pipe and fittings. Prices may vary from job to job for a more accurate price give us a call.

  • How much to fit a tap?

    We fit taps from £60, some bath taps may cost more depending on a couple of factors.

  • How much to fix a leak

    The cost to fix a leak can vary from £60 to £400, again this depends on where the leak is and how much work is involved.

  • Do you charge a call out?

    We don’t charge a call out fee, we just charge for the first hour that we are on the job

  • How much do you charge per day?

    We charge
    £60 for the first hour
    £120 per half day
    £220 per full day

Please note…

The prices above are just a guide to what we charge, we have been to jobs and have been there less than half an hour and charged the customer a nominal charge for a simple fix, but as a business we have to cover ourselves. Some plumbers in the Liverpool area will charge more some will charge less. Emergency plumbing call outs may be more expensive out of normal business hours but again its up to the individual company what they charged.