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Emergency plumbing work in Garston

This is the sort of emergency plumbing repair we have to deal with in Liverpool. We had a call from the property owner reporting that there was water coming up from under her floor and running into the street.

The property owner had searched for an emergency plumber in Liverpool and found our google business profile and contacted us. We came out to assess the problem and found exactly what had been described.

We searched for the outside stop valve and could not find it so united utilities was contacted. They attended the next day, they could not locate the stop valve so the located the pipe and dug up the pavement and fitted a new stop valve.

We then came back to do our part, we excavated the hall way of the property, approximately 2 feet down, to reveal the pipe. We found an old lead main that was severely corroded. We then shut off the water cut out the bad section and replaced it with 25mm plastic pipe, job done.

Ideally the whole of the lead main needs to be replaced, we advised the property owner of this but they didn’t want to spend the extra money. Which is a false economy as if there is an issue in the future the concrete hall way will have to be dug up again to fix the problem.


Emergency plumbing repair in Liverpool. Burst lead main.

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